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Over 500 fossil fuel lobbyists attend COP26 despite feeling 'unwelcome'

The fossil fuel lobby has more representatives at COP26 than the combined total of eight delegations from countries affected the worst by climate change over the last 20 years.

COP26: Climate fight shouldn't shun any particular energy source - Saudi Arabia

Several officials involved in the Glasgow talks say Saudi Arabia has been obstructing the progress of negotiations toward a strong deal, including by using procedural delay tactics.


Climate Change: What are fossil fuels, how do they harm the planet?

How are they formed, and why are they so problematic? Here is everything you need to know.

A boat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) sails, at undisclosed place

IRGC says it thwarted US attempt to confiscate oil in the Gulf of Oman

The IRGC claimed that it managed to capture a tanker carrying confiscated Iranian oil from US forces.

An oil tanker loads gas in Assaluyeh seaport at the Persian Gulf

Iran’s dangerous game in the Gulf of Oman  - analysis

Iran frequently tries to send fuel to Syria and now even to Lebanon. This has led to tensions with the US and other countries.

Why is Iran talking oil exports after years of sanctions?

Iran now needs $160 billion of investments in its oil and natural gas industries in the coming years in order to avoid becoming a net importer, the oil minister has said.

A boat of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) sails, at undisclosed place

Iran navy thwarts 'pirate attack' on oil tanker in Gulf of Aden - report

Four boats, each carrying six armed pirates, attempted to hijack the tanker, which was heading for the Bab-el Mandeb Strait. They turned back after an Iranian Navy escort squad fired warning shots.

Nasrallah: Israel cannot act as they please in maritime border dispute

Lebanon and Israel are in dispute over the delineation of their territorial waters, holding on-off US mediated talks since October.


Will the Arab gas pipeline bring energy to Lebanon, bypass Iran? - opinion

Natural gas will flow from Egypt to Lebanon (to Tripoli) through the Arab gas pipeline.

Iranian Navy ships on a training exercise

Oil tankers for Lebanon were escorted by Iranian Navy - commander

The commander of Iran's Navy claimed that Iranian oil tankers for Lebanon were accompanied by the Navy.

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