Syrian state media: Forces destroyed Israel's 'superiority'

Syrian media released an image of the damaged Israeli F-16 jet with the caption 'we have destroyed their superiority.'

Syrian image of downed Israeli F-16 jet  (photo credit: ARAB MEDIA)
Syrian image of downed Israeli F-16 jet
(photo credit: ARAB MEDIA)
Syrian state media on Saturday released an image of a what they claim to be the Israeli F-16 fighter jet that was shot down by Syrian forces earlier in the day, claiming that it was brought down by a Soviet-made S-200 rocket.
The image, which depicts a crude representation of a jet on fire as it falls from the sky, is accompanied by the text "Today we have destroyed their superiority."
This is followed by a Syrian call for "Homeland, honor and loyalty," written in Arabic.
The Israeli jet was on a mission striking Iranian targets in Syria after an Iranian drone violated Israeli airspace sovereignty and entered the country from Syria. 
A military official was quoted in Syrian state media as saying that the drone that Israel shot down did not enter Israeli air space, and that "the arguments of the Israeli enemy are false." The official claimed the drone was on a routine sortie collecting information about ISIS and other terrorist organizations.
The drone was in operation for a minute and a half in Israeli air space before it was shot down. 
In retaliation, the IAF attacked the control center of the drone in Syria and a variety of other Iranian targets in Syria. 
Hezbollah hailed the downed Israeli jet as the beginning of a "new strategic phase." Claiming that this would limit Israeli Air Force activity in Syria.      
"Today's developments mean the old equations have categorically ended," the heavily-armed Shi'ite Muslim movement said in a statement.
Iran rejected as "ridiculous" reports that Israel had intercepted an Iranian drone launched from Syria on Saturday, state TV reported.
Separately, a Revolutionary guards official said he could not confirm the report since Israelis were "liars."