Syrian opposition dismisses Iran's offer to be mediator in civil war

Opposition forces in Syria say Tehran is "part of the problem" in Syria's civil war; more useful to withdraw.

Syrian opposition fighter (photo credit: REUTERS/Ward Al-Keswani)
Syrian opposition fighter
(photo credit: REUTERS/Ward Al-Keswani)
Syria's opposition National Coalition dismissed on Saturday Iran's offer to be a mediator between it and the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, AFP reported.
The SNC called Iran's offer "not serious" and said Tehran was "part of the problem."
"It would be more useful if the Iranian leadership withdrew its military experts and fighters from Syrian territory," the SNC said.
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani offered his country as mediator in Syria's civil war of 2 1/2 years, in an opinion piece that published in The Washington Post on Thursday.
Rouhani said the people of the Middle East should be allowed to decide their own fate. He said he was ready to help in Syria.
Iran has supported Assad with weapons and other military aid.
"I announce my government's readiness to help facilitate dialogue between the Syrian government and the opposition," Rouhani wrote. Reuters contributed to this report.