Truckload of weapons seized in Beirut

The Lebanese army on Thursday intercepted a truck full of weapons in a suburb east of Beirut, the country's information minister said. Ghazi Aridi, the information minister, said the military handed in the report on the arms seizure to Defense Minister Elias Murr during the government session. "The preliminary information says the truck came from (eastern Lebanon's) Bekaa Valley," said Aridi, adding that an investigation was under way to determine the type of weapons and who they were intended for. Witnesses said it was a six-wheel truck, stopped in the Hazmiyeh suburb. Some unconfirmed reports said it contained mainly machine guns and other light weapons. Suspicion for arms shipments here usually falls on Hizbullah but several other Lebanese political factions also have weapons, which were used during recent street clashes between pro and anti-government supporters in Beirut.