'Turkey stops Iranian arms plane en route to Syria'

Turkish news agency reports Iranian plane is ordered to land in Diyarbakir by Turkish Air Force, police finds military equipment headed to Syria.

iran plane 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
iran plane 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
A cargo plane containing weaponry en route to Syria from Iran was ordered to land in Turkey on Wednesday, according to Turkish news agency Doğan.
The plane, which made a forced landing in Diyarbakir, was reportedly carrying military equipment and weapons.
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The Turkish Air Force and police examined the plane, calling in nuclear experts from Ankara to examine its contents, Doğan reported.
On Tuesday, the IDF boarded a ship containing weapons from Iran that was headed for Hamas in Gaza. The IDF found 50 tons of military equipment, including missiles, launchers, shells and bullets.
On Wednesday, Iranian Army Commander-General  Amir Ataollah Salehi denied that Iran was connected to the weapons found aboard the Victoria.
"The Zionist regime's diet is mixed with lies, lies and more lies," Salehi said. "We deny all false reports."