US raids Baghdad Shi'ite neighborhood; nine dead

US forces Monday night raided the homes of followers of radical anti-American Shi'ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr, then called in US jets that were circling the northwest Baghdad neighborhood and firing rockets, killing nine people, residents said. Police put the death toll at five. "Occupation forces are currently carrying out raids against al-Sadr's followers in the neighborhood of Shula," Jalil al-Nouri, a senior al-Sadr aide, told The Associated Press by telephone. Al-Nouri said nine people were killed in the raid and others were wounded. The number could not be independently confirmed. Police Lt. Mohammed Khyoun said five people had been killed, and 15 wounded. Al-Nouri said there were gun battles going on between residents and US troops who were using tanks and armored personnel carriers. He said US Apache helicopters as well as warplanes were involved in the attacks on Shula.