VIDEO: Iran releases purported footage of US-modeled drone 3 years after capture

Video allegedly shows success maiden voyage of unmanned aerial vehicle reserve-engineered from lost US RQ-170 Sentinel.

Iran tests new drone
Iranian press released footage on Wednesday purportedly depicting a drone reverse-engineered by the Islamic State from an American prototype that Iran captured down about three years ago.
Iran's official Press TV published the recently released recording on its website that reportedly showed the maiden voyage of a US RQ-170 Sentinel unmanned aerial vehicle.
In December 2011, Iran said it had captured a US RQ-170 Sentinel reconnaissance drone in eastern Iran that had been reported lost by US forces in neighboring Afghanistan.
The Iranian copy of the aircraft allegedly made a successful first flight, Press TV reported.
On Monday, Tehran claimed that its version of the drone was fully operational.
In May, Iran unveiled a copy of the RQ-170 drone, an aircraft manufactured by US defense technology company Lockheed Martin.
The United States has said the security system meant Iran was unlikely to get valuable information from the drone.
Reuters contributed to this report.