Watch: Moroccan activist says Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel

Amazigh activist and poet Malika Mazan says Jews have a right to a homeland in Israel and Arabs should stay within borders of Arabian peninsula.

Moroccan Amazigh Activist Defends Zionism (Memri)
Moroccan Amazigh (Berber) activist and poet Malika Mazan came out in support of the Jews' right to a homeland in Israel, slamming Arabs for not "sticking to their own borders."
In an interview with the Moroccan radio station Medradio, which was posted on the Internet on September 19 in video form and translated by MEMRI, Mazan said, "We never heard that the ancient Jews lived in Alaska or Australia. History and all religions admit that the Jews lived (in Palestine)."
She said that every nation has the right to establish its homeland. "You cannot expect them to establish their homeland on the moon. They have the right to return to their homeland," the poet added.
Mazan argued that the Arabs are the oppressors in the region. "Arabs want their homeland to be at the expense of the land and the very existence of others. In that sense the Arabs are more what they call 'Zionist' than the Jews...If the Arabs have any self-respect, they should stick to their own borders. They should stay within the Arabian peninsula - in the Hijaz, to be precise."
She added: "The Arabs can continue to dream that they are the supreme race. The Arabs consider themselves to be the chosen people. Dear God...Is it the Zionists who are hostile to the Arabs, or the Arabs who are hostile to all free people?"
Mazan also explained posts on her Facebook page in which she had offered sex services to Kurds fighting against Islamic State terrorists as a way of combating so called "sex jihad."
She said that the offer had only been metaphorical, meant as an act of solidarity with the Kurdish fighters.
"I would never allow myself to stoop to the level of barbarism practiced today in the Middle East in the name of religion and in the defense of the holy places. They use religion to get little girls to satisfy their urges," she charged.