Wooden houses might solve Gaza housing problems

Wooden houses might solv

Two-storey houses built of wood and enforced by sand bags could help alleviate the housing crisis in Gaza. An Egyptian architect has designed a house costing only $2,000 to construct, without using materials such as concrete or steel, banned from entering the territory by Israel. Dr. Hisham Juraisha from the Egypt University for Science and Technology designed a house using wood, sand bags and textiles, to help the thousands of Palestinians who were left homeless following Operation Cast Lead last winter. While the aim is to construct family houses, according to local news sources, the design can also be applied to larger buildings such as mosques, administrative buildings and even hospitals with up to four floors. The initial reports claimed the plans had been shown to the Hamas government and were positively received, but Dr. Hassan Abu Hashish, a government spokesperson, could neither confirm nor deny this to The Media Line. Dr. Hisham Juraisha said his inspiration came from houses along the highway between Egypt's capital Cairo and the coastal city of Alexandria.