'World's biggest PA flag' displayed in Syria

Hamas, Islamic Jihad officials attend event held under motto "bigger flag for a dear country."

pa flag 224 88 (photo credit: )
pa flag 224 88
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Thousands of Palestinians and members of Syria-based radical Palestinian groups have put on a display what they claim to be the world's largest Palestinian Authority flag. Friday's event was held under the motto "a bigger flag for a dear country" on the outskirts of Damascus. Officials from radical Palestinian factions, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad, attended. The 27,000-square meter nylon banner took two months to complete by dozens of volunteers. The flag is said to weigh seven metric tons and cost 1.5 million Syrian pounds, or about $33,000. The money was collected from donors. The organizers said they have yet to contact the Guinness World Records for official confirmation it's the largest Palestinian Authority flag.