YouTube provides a glimpse into unrest in Syria

From the Iranian protests in 2009 to Tunisia and now Syria, social media provides a view of places journalists can't always access.

Protesters shot in Syria 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Protesters shot in Syria 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Unlike the revolutions in Egypt and now Libya that gripped the world's attention, there are no foreign news crews broadcasting live footage of events unfolding in Syria.

Beginning with the 2009 Iranian protests following disputed elections in that country, social media tools have been instrumental in relaying images and reports of state violence and oppression with the outside world when those states block access to traditional journalists.
One tool, YouTube, has been instrumental in nearly all of the unrest rocking the Arab world since December of 2010. Now, videos shot on cellular phones and uploaded to YouTube are providing the outside world with a shocking window to peer through as reported death tolls rise and violence spreads in Syria.
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Because access for traditional journalists is so lacking, decided to share a selection of videos purportedly depicting the events taking place in Syria in recent days. While The Jerusalem Post was unable to verify the authenticity of the following video clips, they were reviewed by The Post.
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The first video purportedly shows what appear to be dozens of plain-clothed Syrian security officers quickly deploying onto the streets and then beating and rounding up civilians.
The second video purportedly shows a group of men apparently seeking shelter as government forces fire in their direction. In an earlier portion of the video, a man who appears to have been shot is shown lying dead on the ground.
The following video, purportedly shot in Daraa depicts what seems to be a Syrian security forces firing live ammunition at protesters armed only with sticks and metal pipes.
The Jerusalem Post was unable to authenticate any of the above videos.