BODY MAP by Shlomit Lev-Ran.  (photo credit: Shlomit Lev-Ran)
BODY MAP by Shlomit Lev-Ran. (photo credit: Shlomit Lev-Ran)
Jerusalem highlights July 29-August 4


Visit Tapuz Gallery (Beit Alliance, 5 Kiach St.) at 10 a.m. to see works by Talya Peri and Shlomit Lev-Ran. In “Candle, Donkey, Rooster” Peri uses cyanotype to offer an X ray-like vision of the material world while maintaining a thematic relationship with the Talmudic story. The tale, which centers on Rabbi Akiva, happens during the night and presents Rabbi Akiva’s ability to see God’s benevolence even while undergoing hardships. 

In “Treasure,” Lev-Ran uses the human body as a geography for those who are on the path to making a discovery. The communal gallery is often the next step for religious Jewish artists, many of whom graduated the Pardes School of Art in Givat Washington. More works by more graduates can be seen at 161 Jaffa St. on Sunday, July 31 (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) The Pardes graduate exhibition closes on Wednesday, August 3. The Tapuz exhibition closes on Thursday, August 4. 

Visit Orion (4 Shamai St.; balcony event) for “One Shot,” a sustainable art and fashion sale starting at noon. Try out jewelry by Gefen Maor, see prints by Shani Lazarovich and meet Ukrainian artist Alisa. Happy Hour prices until the fair closes at 4 p.m.

 SENEGALESE KORA player and singer Momi Maiga is one of the Arkho lineup's stars. (credit: Mekudeshet) SENEGALESE KORA player and singer Momi Maiga is one of the Arkho lineup's stars. (credit: Mekudeshet)


Jam the night away at Hamiflezet Pub (8 Chile St., Kiryat Hayovel) from 9 p.m. onward. This is a community pub and can be found near the 1972 public art work created by Niki de Saint Phalle.

Rock the night away with The Back Yard at the Yellow Submarine (10 p.m., 13 Harechavim St.) Band songs were written by Ya’akov Rotblit (who penned the 1969 hit “A Song for Peace”) and are sung by Tomer Yosef (Balkan Beat Box) Itamar Ziegler (same) and Gedy Ronen (Devek). The band will perform fresh tunes from its up-and-coming third album. NIS 100 per ticket. Book at phone (02) 679-4040 


The Jerusalem Center for Near Eastern Studies invites the public to enjoy Mendelssohn’s “Piano Trio No.1, Op.49” and “Piano Quartet No.1, Op.15” by Faure at 8 p.m. (1 Hadassah Lempel St., Mount Scopus). Admission is free. Register by contacting [email protected] The center operates under the Brigham Young University. 

It’s “Bottomless Gin Night” at the Rabbit Hole (3 Yannai St.) from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m. Sample four different types of Barrister dry gin for the low cost of NIS 79. Call 052-326-5764 to learn more. The event is offered each Sunday.

Visit the Barbur Gallery (1 Hasoreg St.) at 4 p.m. to enjoy the results of its summer residency program in which nine artists were invited to work at the space. Participants included artists, filmmakers and working musicians. Come meet the scene makers of Jerusalem.


Enjoy “Birds of Paradise,” a sound experience curated for Cinema Rex in June as part of the Gag Eden festival by Rani Megiddo. You can also enjoy music created for the Mekudeshet festival in Jerusalem, and listen to more music at


Join radio broadcaster Yoav Kutner at 9 p.m. for a free online panel during which Kutner will play and discuss the work of Yehonatan Geffen. This is a Hebrew-only event supported by Beit Avi Chai. Sign up online at:

Visit Viveka Yoga for a free 30 to 45 free group meditation just a few steps away from Mahneh Yehuda (111 Agrippas St., first floor, apartment 45b) at 9:30 p.m. For more details, email 
[email protected] 


Listen to the best tracks from the Pergamon Club (1 Yohanan Horkanos St.) via

Eat at the eclectic food trucks on offer at Guy Ben-Hinnom from 6 p.m. onward and enjoy what six Jerusalem chefs can offer for NIS 30-45 per main course. You can order food before you arrive and beat the queues via

Meet the musicians participating in this year’s Arkho festival at the Salon of Everything English language panel led by Yair Asulin (4 Naomi St.). Arkho includes top talents in world music today, who offer adaptations of music from Africa, Latin America and the Orient. Meet people like Momi Maiga (Senegal) and Mayu Shviro (Israel) at 8 p.m (NIS 50 per ticket). Book at The live, free shows will take place at Sherover Promenade starting from Monday, August 8, at 6:30 p.m.


Watch Kushelirabak (Goddammc**t) by Nurit Dreamer at Hazira (3 Haparsa St., Talpiot) at 9 p.m. and stay for the second show, The Water Boy and the Water by Ariel Sereni Brown at 10:30 p.m. Kushelirabak is about three female friends who enjoy a barbecue together and go through everything, including gender roles and casting spells. This show won the 2020 Kipod Hazahav prize, so now is a great time to watch it. 

The Water Boy and the Water is a journey into the depths of theater, and a psychedelic theater experience. NIS 90 per ticket. There is a sale of four tickets for NIS 280. Students and seniors pay NIS 45 per ticket. Book tickets at (02) 678-3378. 


Classical Indian music master Nurit Ofer and her group Mantra will perform at Windows House (16 Hahadasim St.) on Saturday, August 6, at 9 p.m. NIS 50 per ticket. If you enjoy sacred Jewish prayers adapted to the hypnotic beauty of Indian music – do not miss this evening.

Theater in the Rough will present Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice: In Motion starting on Tuesday (August 9) at 5:30 p.m. at Bloomfield Gardens. Suggested donation is NIS 40. The two-hour performance by the community theater is in English and shows are planned for the entire month of August. To book a ticket call 052-559-4257 or visit

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