YULA BEERI will be performing at this year’s Bowl Hashanah. (photo credit: The Friday Night Jams)
YULA BEERI will be performing at this year’s Bowl Hashanah.
(photo credit: The Friday Night Jams)

Bowl Hashanah: A musical Rosh Hashanah experience in New York


For those in the New York area who want to experience a Rosh Hashanah experience outside of the staid synagogue, look no further than the traditional rock & roll Bowl Hashanah.

The Brooklyn Bowl – the now-famous combination music venue, bowling alley, and restaurant in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighborhood – has hosted an eclectic, intergenerational group of High Holy Day worshipers for over a decade.

Bowl Hashanah, set for September 16, is for those seeking the energy of live music with a narrated journey through the traditional stories, liturgies, and rituals of the New Year, according to Rabbi Daniel Brenner, Bowl Hashanah’s spiritual leader. 

What is Bowl Hashanah?

“For many of my friends who are not synagogue-connected Jews, but have a strong sense of Jewish identity, the peak spiritual experiences of their lives happen in music venues as they experience the flow of energy between the musicians and the audience. Bowl Hashanah is a beautiful hybrid of concert energy, storytelling, and dance that grounds and uplifts at the same time,” he said.

Think of it as a musical Rosh Hashanah gathering with musical friends you would even pay to see on a night out. 

 Blowing the shofar (Illustrative) (credit: David Cohen/Flash90)
Blowing the shofar (Illustrative) (credit: David Cohen/Flash90)

Musical personalities and acts involved in the project include musicians loosely connected to the jam band scene that the Brooklyn Bowl has nourished over the years. This year’s talent includes musical director Jeremiah Lockwood, Antibalas’ Jordan McLean, Yula Beeri, John Bollinger, Stuart Bogie, Yusuke Yamamoto, Armo, Dave Harrington of Darkside, and Alex Bleeker of Real Estate. This year, Lockwood is debuting a new suite of holiday music.

While fun, engaging, and musical, tradition also has a place at Bowl Hashanah. There is prayer, Torah reading, shofar blowing, and “plain-sense explanations of the religious aspects of the holiday.” 

Doors at 9 a.m. and the show starts at 10 a.m. An optional lunch will follow services at 12:30 p.m. Concert fans should feel right at home. 

Tickets, which range from $25 to $500, are available at www.ticketweb.com

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