Aaron G. Frenkel, Eric Danon and Marie- Christine (photo credit: YOSSI ZELINGER)
Aaron G. Frenkel, Eric Danon and Marie- Christine (photo credit: YOSSI ZELINGER)


The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra foundation holds a gala event on Sunday

The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra foundation, continued its annual tradition and held a gala event on Sunday evening with the participation of hundreds of the orchestra's friends in Israel. The event took place under the auspices and generosity of Maya and Aaron G. Frenkel and the Tel Aviv Hilton Hotel. The event was hosted by Tali Gottlieb, CEO of the Orchestra Foundation, and Roni Fortis, CEO of the Hilton Hotel. During the event, the appointment of philanthropist Aaron G. Frenkel was announced as the chairman of the campaign for the 85th anniversary of the Israel Philharmonic.

Alfred Akirov and Ronni Gamzu (Credit: Yossi Zeliger)Alfred Akirov and Ronni Gamzu (Credit: Yossi Zeliger)

The guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner and a special performance featuring Lahav Shani, the musical director of the Israel Philharmonic, musicians from the orchestra, the Israeli Jazz Orchestra, and singers Alon Olarchik, Sivan Talmor, Gilan Shahaf, and Mika Sade, who performed works by Frank Sinatra, marking 75 years since the release of his first album. It was the first opportunity for the Friends of the Orchestra to get up close and personal with Lahav Shani, who is in his first full season with the Philharmonic Orchestra, having replaced legendary director Zubin Mehta.

Among the guests at the event: French Ambassador to Israel Eric Danon and his wife Marie- Christine, Avi Shoshani, Secretary of the Israel Philharmonic, Ehud and Aliza Olmert, Hava and Alfred Akirov, Prof. Ronni Gamzu, Lizika, and Ami Sagi, Michal and Michael Zellermayer, Ruth and Meir Shitrit and others.

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