Ido Izsak (photo credit: BAR COHEN)
Ido Izsak (photo credit: BAR COHEN)


Ido Izsak - The first fashion smartphone photographer in Israel

Ido Izsak is an Israeli photographer, internet personality, and content producer. He is of the first photographers in Israel to switch to mobile photography, and one of the leading fashion photographers in Israel.
Izsak was among the pioneers who recognized the smartphone craze and became the first fashion photographer in Israel to shoot exclusively with his smartphone camera. This uniqueness became a thriving business, and because of the mobility of using smartphones, he has managed to document intimate moments from the world of culture, fashion, and the local scene. In this context, he documents behind-the-scenes moments of the major fashion productions.

Ido Izsak (Credit: Bar Cohen)Ido Izsak (Credit: Bar Cohen)

Izsak is a presenter for Samsung Israel and owns a content production business. He also gives a lecture that combines photos, and teaches how to get the most out of smartphone cameras. One can find pictures in his ‘feed’ of the international designer Dodo Bar Or, model Bar Refaeli, model Coral Simanovich and Sergi Roberto, and many more. / @izsak

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