On the Hummus Route (photo credit: Yaron Brenner)
On the Hummus Route (photo credit: Yaron Brenner)


What could be learned 'On the Hummus Route'? From Cairo to Damascus

“On the Hummus Route,” the food book that describes a utopian journey without borders between Cairo and Damascus via Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other cities, continues to break records.

After winning the “World’s Best Book” award and the “Best Book for Peace” award at the World Culinary Oscars, and after being presented to the Pope and Prince Charles, the book was presented in a festive ceremony in honor of the United Nation’s World Peace Day, observed on September 21, 2021.

“On the Hummus Route,” which offers a new social order and calls for equality in the Middle East, was presented in a special exhibition held as part of a ceremony held at the Alfred Nobel House in Sweden, with the participation of leaders from around the world.

The events of World Peace Day are being held this year under the themes of Ecology, Sustainability and World Peace, and the exhibition in which the book is presented is organized by the Gourmand Awards and the Albers Organization for Sustainability Research.

Editor-in-chief and book designer Dan Alexander is particularly pleased that the event organizers have explained the choice to present the book as a step that will inspire hope for a better recovery towards an egalitarian and sustainable world.

Photo of Dan Alexander. (Johan Björklund)Photo of Dan Alexander. (Johan Björklund)

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