United Nations

The United Nations (UN) is a massive intergovernmental organization founded after the end of World War II to foster healthy diplomacy; maintain global peace and stability; and facilitate international cooperation.

Based in New York with branches all over the world, the UN is the world's largest international organization.

It consists of six principal organs:

  1. The General Assembly, which consists of all UN member states, which votes to admit new members, adopts the budget, and elects members to other organs in the organization.
  2. The Security Council, which adopts compulsory resolutions and is responsible for maintaining international peace and security.
  3. The Economic and Social Council, which helps facilitate economic and social cooperation between different nations and between the UN and other organizations.
  4. The Secretariat, the UN's administrative organization led by the UN secretary-general.
  5. The International Court of Justice, which settles legal disputes between member nations.
  6. The Trusteeship Council, which dealt with colonial possessions but which has been defunct since 1994.

The UN also consists of several smaller agencies, such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The UN overall is led by the secretary-general, who is currently Antonio Guterres. 

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The Palestine obsession appears particularly confusing when compared to Taiwan’s decades-long position as a diplomatic outcast in the international community.

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'I have and will continue to condemn the Israeli government for its violations of international law and war crimes', Yousafzai said in April.

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The problems with UNRWA are not a new revelation: Even before the war, laws were proposed to limit it, and these are proceeding through the legislative channels.


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Diplomatic Affairs: The last time Netanyahu was in the White House was in September 2020. Donald Trump was the president, and the occasion was the signing of the Abraham Accords. 


UN humanitarian coordinator reports of 'groups of men with sticks' waiting to loot aid trucks

"What Mr. Hadi told us is that he saw firsthand the consequences of the breakdown in public order and safety, as he entered and exited Gaza through the Kerem Shalom crossing," Stéphane Dujarric said.

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The Yazidi Shiite militia group detained Mohamed Qahtan, the leader of the Sunni Islamist Islah party, more than a decade ago, near the start of Yemen's ongoing catastrophic civil war. 


UN's false claims of Israeli starvation policy contributes to anti-Israel campaign

It is important to acknowledge that the shortage of supplies in the Gaza Strip, an unfortunate inherent hardship for any population in a war, does not indicate that there is widespread hunger.

 Palestinians at the site of an Israeli airstrike in an UNRWA school, in the Nuseirat camp

What two months of Hamas use of UN sites tells us

As the war continues into a less intense phase it is worth looking back at the extent of Hamas illegal use of UN facilities, including schools, because it appears systematic and on a large scale.

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In recent years, we saw how the engagement with the international film and sports industries brought Israel’s top talent to international screens and major sports venues.

'If you want to execute Mohammadi, dig two graves': Iranian labor activist sentenced to death

Sharifeh Mohammadi, who has been imprisoned since December 2023, has not been granted visits and phone calls by family members.

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