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Israeli Munich Olympics families demand UN compensation, blame Libya

Family members of the eleven 1972 Munich Olympics attack victims are demanding 110 million euros in compensation from Lybian money taken over by the UN.


What really happened at the 1947 UN Palestine partition vote

A note about my father’s account of the night of the UN vote for Partition, November 29, 1947

The Beirut Port after Tuesday’s explosion that killed at least 157 and wounded more than 5,000

Claims UNIFIL involved in Beirut Port blast unfounded - spokesperson

The allegations were specifically directed at UNIFIL's Maritime Task Force (MTF) which is tasked with securing Lebanon's maritime border.

Syria, Iran chose antisemitism over global food security, Israel charges

Iran and Syria opposed a UN resolution on agricultural technology for sustainable development, leading Israel to accuse them of choosing antisemitism over global food security.

Israel not returning to UNESCO now, FM director-general says

Israel in the last decade has had a tumultuous relationship with UNESCO, which was the first UN body to accept Palestine as a member state in 2011. 

Yad Vashem Chairman meets with UN Secretary-General António Guterres

The meeting, which took place in the UN Headquarters in New York City on Friday, addressed the issues of Holocaust remembrance, education, research and historical documentation.

157 nations call on Israel to halt exploitation of Palestinian resources

The resolution is part of a package of some 16 texts that will be approved this year by the UN General Assembly.

Islamic State now appears present in all Afghan provinces - UN envoy

"This is an area deserving more attention from the international community," she said.


US will encourage more countries to join Abraham Accords - UN ambassador

Prime MInister Naftali Bennett thanked US Ambassador Thomas-Greenfield for presenting "fairness and reason in an institution that we both can say objectively is biased against Israel."

UNRWA doesn't need more funding, it needs to be shut down - editorial

Far from transforming refugees into self-sufficient individuals, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency has fostered dependency and a culture of entitlement.

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