2 indicted for creating counterfeit debit cards

Haifa District Attorney charges two men of altering ATM machines to make fake debit cars using stolen data.

People make transactions at Bank Hapoalim ATM 370 (photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
People make transactions at Bank Hapoalim ATM 370
(photo credit: Ariel Jerozolimski)
The Haifa District Attorney filed an indictment on Friday, charging two men with creating counterfeit debit cards using data stolen from altered automated teller machines (ATMs).
Yitzhak Malka, 29, and Eliran Rafaelov Agronov, 21, both from Migdal Ha’emek in the North, allegedly used the counterfeit cards to steal tens of thousands of shekels.
The indictment alleges that the two men stole ATM machines and altered their software so that when customers tried to withdraw cash, the machines would copy their cards’ account numbers and record their PIN passwords.
The altered ATMs were mobile cashpoint machines manufactured by the Caspomat company leased to businesses including pubs, bars and kiosks, the indictment said.
According to one charge on the indictment, last month the defendants installed fake ATMs in a restaurant in Haifa, by presenting themselves to the restaurant owner as legitimate businessmen. Then several hours before the Maccabi vs. Hapoel Haifa football match on March 17, Agronov and Malka deliberately disrupted four Bank Leumi and Bank Hapoalim ATMs around the stadium to lure customers to use the altered ATM in the restaurant.
The next day, Malka and Agronov allegedly took the stolen credit and debit card data from the altered ATM and used it to create counterfeit cards.
They used the counterfeit cards to withdraw large sums of money from banks, successfully withdrawing a total of NIS 28,297, the indictment said.
Malka and Agronov also attempted to withdraw at least a further NIS 13,500, $400 and 400 euros, the indictment alleges.
The defendants also installed an altered ATM in a Ra’anana pub, the indictment alleges, but that machine was discovered to be fake and the pub closed to the public while it was removed.
Malka and Agronov are charged with possession of suspect property, conspiracy for a felony, obtaining something by deceit, attempt to obtain something by deceit, possession of debit card counterfeiting equipment and aggravated debit card fraud.