Aharonovitch: Price tag suspects are terrorists, use administrative detention against them

After rash of price tag attacks, Livni holds emergency meeting on how to stop phenomenon; warns that the hate crimes are now against IDF as well as Arabs; says anti-IDF rhetoric from Yitzhar reminiscent of Hamas.

Livni at price tag emergency meeting with Aharonovitch and A-G Weinstein (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM/THE JERUSALEM POST)
Livni at price tag emergency meeting with Aharonovitch and A-G Weinstein
"The people committing price tag acts are terrorists and Israel should use administrative detention to stop them," Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch said Wednesday.
"We know who carried out these acts and they must be declared terror organizations and we must be allowed to use administrative detention against them," Aharonovtich said, in an interview on Channel 10
Administrative detentions are the controversial arrests of Palestinian terror suspects, who are held without charge or the ability to see the evidence against them. Aharonovitch has in the past also called for their use against Israeli organized crime figures.
For the second time in the past month, unknown assailants vandalized a dentist office belonging to a Druse man from Yokne'am. On the front door of the office in the center of Yokne'am vandals wrote "death to the Arabs" and "regards from Fureidis," the latter a reference to a price tag act last week in the village.
The vandalism is the sixth suspected price tag incident in the city in the past month, including an incident in April where the front window of the dentist office was shattered and a Star of David sprayed on an interior wall.
Justice Minister Tzipi Livni held an emergency meeting on the increasing number of "price tag" attacks against Israeli-Arab and Palestinian  targets by right-wing extremists in protest of government policy on Wednesday.
Aharonovitch said at the press conference with Livni that price tag attacks harm coexistence between Jew and Arabs.
He called for the issuing of more restraining orders to prevent price tag attacks in addition to administrative detention.
Livni said that she had urged police to stop the phenomenon, which has spread from the West Bank and is now a problem within the Green Line as well.
Livni addressed the arrest of a female resident of the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar who had allegedly incited violence by advocating the use of lethal force against IDF soldiers attempting to demolish illegal structures in settlements.
""This morning we arose to headlines on a discussion that took place in Yitzhar which dealt with trhe circumstances under which one could kill an IDF soldier. This wasn't Hamas , it was Yitzhar," Livni stated.
"All of those who kept quiet about hate crimes when they were against Arabs are discovering that they are also against the IDF," she added.