Beit Shemesh: 3 haredim arrested for attacking woman

Ultra-Orthodox Jews surround woman's car, throw stones and slash her tires, leaving her lightly injured.

Haredi riot 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS)
Haredi riot 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Three haredi men were arrested in Beit Shemesh Tuesday afternoon on suspicion of attacking a woman. The woman was on her way to hang Mifal Hapais (national lottery) posters when her car was surrounded by several haredi men.
The men began throwing stones at the car, slashed her tires and stole her keys from the ignition. The woman was lightly injured from stones thrown at her head.
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Police dispatched to the scene arrested three men and were searching the area for additional suspects.
The city outside Jerusalem has become a flashpoint of tensions between ultra-Orthodox and non-orthodox Jews in recent weeks, an issue ushered into the mainstream media by the case of a young girl who was spat upon for "dressing immodestly."
In late December thousands of people demonstrated in an "anti-extremism" rally speaking out against the attacks against school girls and the sex segregation implemented in the city's public spaces.
Politicians from across the political spectrum spoke out discrimination against women, which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said "goes against the tradition of the Bible and the principles of Judaism."
Riots by haredim and clashes with police have also taken place in recent weeks that saw police injured and protesters arrested.