Blanket of snow covers the North as storms resume

Jerusalem received no snowfall after extensive municipal preparations; travelers advised to avoid the Golan, Judean desert.

snowy cabin in Golan_390 (photo credit: Shefi Mor)
snowy cabin in Golan_390
(photo credit: Shefi Mor)
While those hoping for a white Jerusalem were disappointed on Saturday morning, part of the North received up to 30 cm. of snow on Friday as the storm moved through the country.
Local authorities closed roads leading to Mount Hermon on the Golan Heights after the storm dropped 30 cm. of snow on the country’s tallest peak. There was snow near Safed on Mount Canaan.
Despite the respite from heavy rains and strong winds on Saturday morning in the central region, rain was still expected throughout the North, down to the coastal plain and as far south as Beersheba, with showers resuming in Tel Aviv by 11:30 p.m.
At least 103 mm. of rain fell on the Golan since Thursday morning. Karmiel received 89 mm., while 69 mm. fell in Jerusalem, 54 in Safed, 46 in areas surrounding Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee), 59 in Modi’in and 28 in Haifa.
There was 19 cm. of rain in Tel Aviv, and in Beersheba, 23.
Authorities issued flash flood warnings for areas throughout the Judean desert and the Dead Sea area, and travelers were advised not to approach riverbeds in the North.