Convicted rapist Goldblatt may be released early

The Board of Pardons grants an early release to actor Hanan Goldblatt, a convicted rapist and serial molester.

Hanan Goldblatt 311 (photo credit: Channel 10 News)
Hanan Goldblatt 311
(photo credit: Channel 10 News)
The Board of Pardons on Monday granted an early release to actor Hanan Goldblatt, a convicted rapist and serial molester, according to media reports.
His actual release was delayed by one week to allow the prosecution time to petition the High Court of Justice to block the release, said the reports.
Goldblatt has only served four years of a six-year sentence, which was originally a seven-year sentence.
According to reports, the Board of Pardons appeared to have granted the early release based on good behavior and Goldblatt’s participation in rehabilitation programs.
In 2011, the Supreme Court had reduced his sentence from seven to six years.
Dismissing dozens of motions by the former television star’s lawyers to appeal, Justice Uzi Vogelman decided in the end to reduce one of the charges for which Goldblatt was convicted from rape to obtaining a thing by deceit.
In 2008, the Tel Aviv District Court convicted Goldblatt of raping two young women and of committing indecent acts against three others. In all of the cases, Goldblatt, who also worked as an drama teacher, used a similar method of offering the young women private acting lessons, during which he attempted to commit – and in two cases succeeded in committing – sexual acts with them.
Goldblatt made up a story that he wanted to have them try out for a fictitious theatrical project of some sort. In each case, the victim was to play a young seductress.
Sex with Goldblatt was supposed to better prepare the aspiring actresses for onscreen love scenes, which the women were supposed to perform in their auditions.