Singing star still not questioned over statutory rape claims, as police probe continues

Suspicion has been cast on singer's father, who is believed to have played central part in the incidents.

Singer [illustrative] 370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Singer [illustrative] 370
(photo credit: Reuters)
Detectives from the Tel Aviv police district are continuing to collect testimony from underage girls regarding the investigation against a famous singer suspected of committing statutory rape.
For the last few days, suspicion has been cast on the singer’s father, who it is believed may have played a central part in the affair, which reportedly involved girls as young as 14 and 15 who were invited to karaoke parties at a Tel Aviv apartment that the singer and other associates frequented. At a number of these parties, the allegations state, the singer and his friends did drugs and on some occasions had sexual relations with the girls.
The media has been rife with reports that people close to the singer “scouted” girls at his concerts and invited them to the parties, a report that police would not confirm on Sunday.
The case, which broke last week and has dominated the media since, involves one of Israel’s most famous singers and a complaint made by one 15-year-old girl that she had sexual relations with him on more than one occasion.
That allegation has been followed by testimony from other girls believed to be linked to the case, which was first opened months earlier.
The singer himself has still not been questioned, nor has a separate, less famous singer linked to the case. Over the weekend police said that they are in the process of collecting testimony and will only question the singer under caution if they believe there is enough evidence that a crime actually took place, something that they said they have not yet been able to determine.
Omri Hayoon, the blogger who broke the case by violating a gag order last Wednesday, was questioned under caution by police over the weekend on suspicion of obstruction of justice.
On Saturday night he issued a complaint to Tel Aviv police saying that he feels that his life is in danger, largely because of what he said was incitement against him, largely from prominent public-relations man Rani Rahav, who in recent days has been outspoken in his criticism of Hayoon.
The singer, for his part, said during a concert in Tel Aviv on Thursday night that “I had a difficult day, I could have canceled, but music conquers all.”
People close to the singer have said that in the midst of the controversy he plans to continue his public and TV appearances and will not make any cancellations.