Fire service welcomes 126 new members

One year after Carmel fire disaster, Aharonovitch hails 3 new female firefighters.

Fire Service Commissioner Shahar Ayalon 311 (photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
Fire Service Commissioner Shahar Ayalon 311
(photo credit: YAAKOV LAPPIN)
The Fire and Rescue Service welcomed 126 cadets into its ranks on Wednesday at a ceremony in Rishon Lezion.
The cadets completed a grueling course lasting several months which included physical and theoretical examinations designed to prepare them to respond to blazes and a host of other disasters.
The newly sworn-in firefighters celebrated with dancing and singing after the ceremony.
“You are at the forefront of saving lives. I promise to back you up all the time,” Public Security Minister Yitzhak Ahronovitch told the firefighters.
Addressing the three new female firefighters, the minister said, “These days, when we hear of discrimination against women, everyone can learn from you and this organization.”
Aharonovitch also singled out David Tzror, one of the new firefighters, for praise. Tzror lost three family members in the 2001 Versailles wedding hall collapse.
“A year has passed since the Carmel fire disaster, and much has been done, but much work also remains,” he added.
Fire Service Commissioner Shahar Ayalon said the new recruits were part of a major overhaul of the organization following last year’s massive emergency.
“We are continuing to procure new equipment, such as a modern digital communication network for our trucks and GPS tracking for our units,” he said.
Ayalon told The Jerusalem Post that in addition to training for natural disasters, the firefighters were also working with the Home Front Command to train for rocket attacks.