Heavy snow hits Mt. Hermon, rain throughout country

Cold weather and rain expected to continue throughout weekend; Jerusalem prepares for snow.

Snowy Mount Hermon 311 (photo credit: REUTERS)
Snowy Mount Hermon 311
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Winter weather returned to Israel Thursday morning with heavy snowfall causing the closure of Mount Hermon to visitors and rain falling throughout the country from the North to the Negev.
Heavy winds and significant drops in temperature were expected to accompany the rainfall, according to the Israel Meteorological Service.
The inclement weather was forecasted to continue throughout the weekend with rain falling mainly in the North on Friday and gusty winds causing sand storms in the South. Saturday was expected to see rain, storms and cold weather from the Negev to the North. Snow will continue to fall over the Hermon, as well as the northern mountains and peaks of the central mountains.
In Jerusalem a mix of rain and snow is expected on Saturday, and there may be periods of flurries. In the afternoon, the winds and rain will weaken.
The National Parks Authority said that all surfing and climbing sites would be closed from Thursday through Monday due to the inclement weather.
The statement went on to warn travelers to exercise caution when planning trips and to avoid entering or crossing streams and brooks.