Heavy snows hit Golan Heights, Mount Hermon

Ski slopes, schools shut down amid snowstorm; 1 dead in car crash; electric company calls for limiting use of appliances.

siberia snow cold 521 (photo credit: Gil Shefler)
siberia snow cold 521
(photo credit: Gil Shefler)
Heavy snows shut down ski slopes at a chilly, 1-degree-Celsius Mount Hermon on Sunday, where snow levels reached 130 centimeters on the higher peak and 95 centimeters on its lower portion, according to the the ski resort’s data.
Snowstorms also hit the Golan Heights forcing authorities to shut down area schools.
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The area expects to see cloudy but slightly warmer weather conditions in the coming days.
The inclement weather caused traffic delays and  a deadly car accident in the Golan Heights.
One person was killed in a car accident on Route 869 on Sunday. Three people were also injured in the accident- one severely and two lightly, including a baby. One of the injured was evacuated to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa via helicopter.
Winter weather was also experienced in other parts of the country with the heaviest rainfall, 28 mm, falling in the Zichron Yaakov area. Tel Aviv saw 21 cm of rain and in Jerusalem 15 mm were recorded.
Intermittent rain and cold weather were expected to continue on Monday morning.
The Israel Electric Company called on the population to limit the use of electrical appliances on Sunday evening as it expects energy usage to be high due to the cold weather.