Hundreds gather at stadium to honor Avi Cohen

Former Maccabi Tel Aviv and Liverpool defender's passed away early morning at Ichilov Hospital after being critically injured.

Avi Cohen family 311 (photo credit: Aloni Mor)
Avi Cohen family 311
(photo credit: Aloni Mor)
Hundreds of people on Wednesday morning gathered at the Ramat Gan Stadium where former Maccabi Tel Aviv and Liverpool defender Avi Cohen's coffin was placed.
Former soccer players and Israeli soccer officials came to show their appreciation for Cohen, 54, who passed away early Wednesday morning at Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv.
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Avi Cohen's injury may have been avoided with legal helmet"My dear Avi. I didn't write anything since I was incapable of writing," Cohen's widow, Dorit, eulogized. "I only know that a week ago my world collapsed. The world collapsed on the children, the grandchildren, the whole sport and all of the nation. I hear things about you and I know who you were. Everything was good with you, you did things without compensation, only to give and give. We sat with you for a week, night and day, and pleaded for you to wake. You always did what I asked you to. Why didn't you do what I asked of you this time? I asked and I begged."
"Daddy, Avi Cohen, father. How do you eulogize a man like yourself," Cohen's son, Tamir eulogized. "What story can I tell that will describe what you were and what you have been?"
"You gave us power at every moment and every hour," Tamir continued. "You are greater than everyone, everyone says you were a winner, and you are still winner because you didn't lose, you won. You accomplished what you desired and that was your goal."
Cohen was critically injured December 20 in a motorcycle accident on Jabotinsky Street in Ramat Gan.
The circumstances of the accident were unclear, though police speculated that Cohen was hit from behind by a driver who did not keep a safe distance.
Allon Sinai and Natan Galili contributed to this report.