Jerusalem social protest turns violent

Two demonstrators arrested as the social justice protests take a violent turn, a day after violent protests in Tel Aviv.

Protesters in Jerusalem 390 (photo credit: Melanie Lidman)
Protesters in Jerusalem 390
(photo credit: Melanie Lidman)
Two demonstrators were arrested in Jerusalem on Sunday night as the social justice protests took a violent turn a day after nearly 90 were arrested in Tel Aviv. Around 200 protesters gathered outside the Prime Minister’s Residence at 8 p.m. as a response to the Saturday night protest in Tel Aviv, and then marched through downtown Jerusalem to Zion Square.
The protesters did not have a permit to gather outside the residence or to hold a march. Demonstrator Khen Tsubery said the lack of permit was intentional, because permits have been difficult to obtain since the Jerusalem Light Rail began operating on Jaffa Road.
Once the protesters arrived at Zion Square police tried to prevent them from marching further on the tracks.
Demonstrators forced their way through the police line and onto the Light Rail tracks, blocking an oncoming train. During the melee that ensued two demonstrators were arrested.
“The demonstrators will not be allowed to destroy life for hundreds of thousands of residents of this city,” Jerusalem police spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said. He added that while police would allow legal protests, they would do everything possible to stop illegal protests aimed at disrupting major traffic channels.
Idan Pink, one of the leading activists on Sunday, vowed that if the police acted violently the protesters would react in kind.
“We’re here for the same reason as last summer...
Nothing has changed, we want justice,” she said. “We came out here to get something and we won’t leave until we get it.”