Man, woman, girl found dead in Ussafiya village home

Police source to 'Post': No weapons, injuries on scene, cause of deaths could be poison; authorities suspect murder-suicide.

body bag 311 (photo credit: Aloni Mor)
body bag 311
(photo credit: Aloni Mor)
A man, his wife and their five-year-old daughter were found dead in their home in Usfiya, near Haifa on Sunday evening, leaving the closeknit Druse community stunned. Police suspect the man murdered his wife and child before committing suicide, but said this is only one possibility being investigated.
“We haven’t found any weapons on the scene. There are no injuries on the bodies.
One possibility is poison.
We can’t see any signs of violence,” a police source told The Jerusalem Post on Monday evening.
The bodies were found by a female relative who came to visit their home. She contacted emergency services.
Forensic officers began scouring the home for clues on Monday evening. The man, in his 40s, has a record of domestic abuse. Police said he had been arrested in the past for locking his wife and children outside of a car while travelling with them in the Haifa area.