Olmert slams Holyland indictment as 'fairy tale'

Former PM's media advisor says indictment at time when Olmert is already standing trial "runs contrary to the ethics of basic decency."

Olmert arriving at trial 311 (photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Olmert arriving at trial 311
(photo credit: Marc Israel Sellem)
Former prime minister Ehud Olmert spoke out on Thursday shortly after his indictment, alongside 17 others, for bribery in connection with the Holyland scandal.
"Serving the indictment at this time, while Olmert is already standing trial, runs contrary to the ethics of basic decency and is a scandal in itself," said Amir Dan, the former prime minister's media adviser. "In our view, this is an improper attempt to influence the court at a time when it it faced with making decisions about Olmert's case."
Olmert is currently standing trial in the Jerusalem District Court on several corruption charges, which he has denied. That trial is currently in the summing-up phase.
Dan said the Holyland indictment was filed without the State Attorney's Office allowing Olmert the right to a hearing, and "despite the prosecution's clear knowledge that the 'Holyland' case regarding Olmert is baseless."
"The indictment is based on fairy tale Arabian Nights stories dreamed up by the state witness," Dan said, referring to the prosecution's main witness whose identity is subject to a gag order. "That man did not hesitate to conceal from the police and from the prosecution the fact that he tried to blackmail various people, who later became suspects."
Dan also denounce the prosecution for refusing to reveal the terms of the agreement signed with the state witness, which he said was done "in the dark, away from public view".