PM’s Office presents historic photos on Facebook

PMO releases Facebook galleries showing former prime ministers in a rarely-seen personal manner.

Ben Gurion 370 (photo credit: courtesy prime ministers office)
Ben Gurion 370
(photo credit: courtesy prime ministers office)
The Prime Minister’s Office prepared an Independence Day surprise for its Facebook fans on Tuesday: albums full of photos of all of Israel’s prime ministers from 1948 to today.
“We’ve tried to select pictures from well-known and lesser-known events alike, specifically those pictures that the public hasn’t had the opportunity to see and which shed a more personal and less official light on the prime ministers,” Jonathan Mosery, the Prime Minister’s Office’s new media manager, explained.
The earliest photograph is of first prime minister David Ben-Gurion standing during the playing of “Hatikva” at the first session of the Constituent Assembly, which later became the Knesset, in Jerusalem in 1949.
The latest picture shows Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu having a snowball fight with his wife and sons earlier this year.
Yitzchak Rabin and wife Leah at a dinner party.
Shimon Peres and wife Sonia embrace
Yitzhak Shamir gets a quick haircut.
Menachem Begin plays chess
Golda Meir shares a laugh with former US President Nixon
David Ben Gurion at an archeological site.
The photos were selected from the Government Press Office’s archives that contain hundreds of thousands of pictures and videos spanning the country’s history.
The New Media Team came up with the idea in order to connect the theme of this year’s Independence Day celebrations – “Moreshet,” or heritage – with new media.
“In contrast to other, more traditional official platforms, Facebook and our other new media accounts, including Twitter and Instagram, give us the opportunity to highlight more personal aspects of Israel’s prime ministers, which is exciting and interesting, particularly to younger audiences,” Mosery added