Police probe suspected leak of math exam at Sakhnin high

4 students called in for questioning.

Police are investigating how a number of students at a Sakhnin high school got their hands on a copy of the math matriculation (bagrut) exam before it was distributed to students on Sunday.
A spokesman for the Education Ministry told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that the copy of the test arrived at the school an hour before the exam was scheduled to start, in keeping with normal procedure.
Shortly thereafter, a teacher reportedly saw a student walking in a corridor with a copy of the test.
The teacher questioned the student and later turned the matter over to police, who reportedly called in four students for questioning.
Last May, the special fraud investigative unit of the Israel Police opened a probe following the leak of the mathematics section of the matriculation exam, which had been posted on Facebook.
After the leak was noticed, the Education Ministry replaced questions for all exam levels, and distributed the new test questions on a website where school principals were able to download them for their students.
Problems arose when, with the test only a half-hour away, the system crashed as 900 school principals tried to log on and download the test at the same time. As a result, hundreds of schools across Israel had to hold the timed exam after a significant delay.