Police retrieve stolen parrots worth 40,000 shekels

Parrots have been returned to their owner after a robber broke in to a home in Majdal Kurum.

Parrots (370) (photo credit: Israel Police)
Parrots (370)
(photo credit: Israel Police)
Police in Karmiel recovered stolen parrots worth NIS 40,000 and returned them to their owner on Sunday.
The investigation began last Tuesday when a resident of Majdal el-Kurum, Mahmoud Mana, who has been raising rare parrots for 20 years, reported heading out to work in the morning and returning in the evening to find 12 expensive and colorful birds missing. The robbers had broken locks.
“Two days later, on Thursday, the robber came back dressed as a policeman, with handcuffs and a firearm, and identified himself as a [police] officer to my wife,” Mana told The Jerusalem Post.
Mana asked his wife to put the suspect on the phone. “He claimed police suspected me of possessing stolen parrots. I told him I was coming home, and he said I would be arrested if I did,” Mana said.
Mana’s father arrived at the home, and demanded that the “officer” present a search warrant.
“We are a quiet family and we’ve never been exposed to this sort of thing,” Mana said. The “officer” stole another two birds and fled the home.
Mana contacted police, and gave investigators the phone number of the suspect, who had called him earlier that day. “Within 10 minutes, he was in police custody. Later, he admitted to stealing some of the parrots. Then he admitted to stealing all of them. I raised them for years and worked like a donkey to ensure their welfare,” Mana said.
Asked how the suspect knew he raised valuable birds, Mana said the man had visited him a month ago to trade chicks.
Police said the suspect, from Peki’in, made a full confession. Officers recovered half of the animals, and are working on getting the rest back. Investigators believe the missing birds were sold in the Triangle region east of Netanya.
“I would like to thank Karmiel police very much,” Mana said. “Especially the investigators, for their swift assistance.”
He added that the parrots were disturbed by the incident, and had been making distress sounds until they were reunited with him at the police station.

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