Security camera catches police beating suspect

Policemen charge suspect with assault, although video shows officers kicking, tasing man who doesn't appear to pose threat.

Police kick, tase suspect in store 370 (photo credit: Screenshot)
Police kick, tase suspect in store 370
(photo credit: Screenshot)
The Public Defender's Office on Wednesday released security camera footage of policemen beating a suspect lying seemingly defenseless on the floor. The video shows officers kicking the 24-year-old suspect, and electrifying him with a Taser.
The incident took place last month in south Tel Aviv. Police were called to store after the owner complained that the suspect was causing disturbances. After a foot chase, the suspect entered a jewelery store, where patrol officers caught him. The suspect has a history of theft, drugs and property crimes, but from the footage, it does not appear as though he was posing a threat to the officers.
Tasers deliver powerful electric currents, and police are only supposed to use them in situations where the suspect tries to flee or endangers someone's life. The police also know that the suspect suffers from various diseases, which according to Channel 10, is the reason why one of the officers is wearing white gloves, so as not to touch him.
Despite the images seen in the video, the policemen have filed an indictment against the suspect, charging him with assault of a police officer.
"We demand that the police thoroughly investigate the conduct of the police officers," Attorney Tirza Kish of the Public Defender's Office said, according to Channel 10.
"We filed a complaint with the Police Investigation Unit and we hope that the policemen will be brought to justice," Channel 10 quoted him as saying. "A clear and sharp message must be delivered that officers who act in this way will not work for the police."

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