State indicts American for murder of Safed man at city's Makarev Synagogue

Avraham Levi Yosef Blau allegedly stabbed Tony Rose in chest 17 times with 18 centimeter commando knife.

Knife (illustrative) 370 (photo credit: Knife)
Knife (illustrative) 370
(photo credit: Knife)
The Northern District Attorney’s Office on Sunday filed an indictment in the Nazareth District Court against American Avraham Levi Yosef Blau for allegedly murdering Safed resident Tony Rose at a Safed synagogue on April 13.
The Justice Ministry said that Blau and Rose knew each other somewhat, but was still investigating what motivated the attack.
According to the indictment, Blau, 42, arrived at the Makarev Synagogue at 37 Bar Yohai St. at around 9 a.m. with an 18-centimeter commando knife concealed within his clothes.
The indictment alleges that Blau entered the synagogue and approached Rose, 49, on the synagogue porch, where he jumped him, grabbed his neck, and tried to strangle him.
According to the indictment, Rose tried to break free by pushing Blau off, but Blau overpowered him and wrestled him to the ground. Blau allegedly then pounded him with his fists before stabbing him to death with the knife.
Rose’s body was covered with 17 stab wounds.
After the indictment was filed, the prosecution asked the court to remand Blau to police custody until the end of proceedings.
Blau’s defense counsel has requested he be psychiatrically evaluated regarding his competence to stand trial.
The Justice Ministry said it is waiting for more information and records regarding Blau to arrive from the US.