Suspect arrested in stabbing of haredi man in Jerusalem

Police do not suspect Arab suspect's motive was terror.

Knife (illustrative) 370 (photo credit: Knife)
Knife (illustrative) 370
(photo credit: Knife)
Police arrested a 22 year old Arab man suspected of stabbing a Jewish man in a public bathroom in Bloomfield Park in the capital last month. 
The man  is a resident  of the Silwan neighborhood of Jerusalem.
Police do not suspect terrorism as a motive of the attack. 
He is also suspected of attempting to stab another haredi man immediately after the first attack and then stabbing an Arab youth at Damascus Gate.
The suspect who has not admitted to the accusations against him, will be indicted at Jerusalem District Court at around 11 am on Monday. 
According to the police, after stabbing the first victim in the public bathroom he absconded to the direction of the Old City where he met a haredi youth sitting on a bench and attempted to stab him as well. A struggle ensued and the haredi threw a stone at the suspect who ran away.
The suspect reached Damascus Gate where he began to fight with an Arab youth who he proceeded to stab. Police came to the scene and arrested the suspect. While interrogating the suspect, the police realized that his description and the description of his knife matched those provided by the two haredi men. 
The haredi men subsequently identified the suspect in a police line-up, police said. 
Police also said that blood on stains found on the suspect's clothing matched the haredi victim's blood.