Third forest rape case suspect arrested

Police in North launch a new, unrelated rape investigation.

Rape thinkstock 370 (photo credit: thinkstock )
Rape thinkstock 370
(photo credit: thinkstock )
A third suspect turned himself in to police following the rape of two women, which allegedly occurred in a forest in the North this week.
The suspect joins two additional young men who were arrested for the rape near Ramat Yishai, some 25 km. northeast of Haifa. One of the men reenacted the attack for detectives after questioning.
The women were out with their boyfriends early on Sunday morning, and had stopped in the forest after leaving a nightclub, when police said a group of men arrived and chased the boyfriends away before proceeding with the rape.
All three suspects are from the Arab village of Manshaya Zabada, in the Jezreel Valley where the incident occurred.
One of the suspects, 19, is suspected of aiding the alleged rapists, while police consider the two other men to be the main rape suspects. The Nazareth Magistrate’s Court extended the custody of the first two suspects by three and four days respectively on Monday.
Police say one additional suspect remains at large, and consider him to be a fugitive on the run.
Also on Monday, police in the North launched a new, unrelated rape investigation, which is under a media ban.
Police are aware of the identity of the attacker. No further details can be revealed at this stage about the case.