Three arrests made for bloody assault against Palestinians in capital

Victims beaten unconscious Friday night, allegedly by Jewish mob; police say more arrests expected as investigation progresses.

Handcuffs (illustrative photo) 370 (photo credit: Reuters)
Handcuffs (illustrative photo) 370
(photo credit: Reuters)
Three suspects were arrested Wednesday in the brutal Friday night beating of two young Arabs in the Neveh Ya’acov neighborhood of the capital during an alleged mob attack.
According to police, the three are believed to have been part of a large group of young Jews who assaulted Amir Shawiki and Ahmed Kasuani, both 20 and residents of the northeastern Beit Hanina neighborhood.
The victims, both of whom were beaten unconscious with baseball bats and pipes, claimed to have been approached by two suspects asking for a cigarette, at which point they were attacked by the group.
Although an ambulance arrived at the scene, police said both men were taken to Hadassah University Medical Center, in Jerusalem’s Ein Kerem, by family in a private car, but asked to be transferred to Mokassed Hospital in east Jerusalem.
The suspects were arraigned at Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court Wednesday morning and remain in custody. More arrests are expected as the investigation continues, police said.
The attack occurred following Thursday night’s massive Palestinian “Day of Rage” protest, which engulfed parts of the capital and resulted in 40 arrests, 200 Arabs wounded and 29 Border Police officers sustaining light wounds.
Police said sporadic rioting continued in sections of east Jerusalem Tuesday night, but were quickly contained by extra patrols. No injuries or arrests were reported.