Video shows off-duty cop shooting Palestinian

Palestinian man is released from prison, could face charges of assaulting police officer, weapons offenses.

security camera 311 (photo credit: Courtesy)
security camera 311
(photo credit: Courtesy)
An off-duty Jerusalem Police officer shot and wounded a Palestinian man during an incident that was caught on video last Monday, and could face a Justice Ministry inquiry.
Jerusalem District spokesman Shmuel Ben-Ruby said Thursday that the officer had come under attack from the Palestinian man, who was wielding a screwdriver. In the video, it is hard to tell if the man – whom Haaretz named as Mahmoud Abu Sneina – is armed, though he is carrying something in his right hand.
Ben-Ruby said that as far as police were concerned, the officer had acted in self-defense, but added that police had gathered the video footage of the incident and turned it over to the Justice Ministry’s department for investigating police, which will decide whether or not to open an investigation.
Abu Sneina, who was released from jail on Thursday, could face charges of assaulting a police officer and weapons offenses.
The video shows the two men scuffling in the lot of the Sheikh Jarrah gas station, after which the cop begins backing up as Abu Sneina approaches him.
The policeman keeps the gun pointed below Abu Sneina’s waist and at one point shoots him in the leg. Abu Sneina eventually exits to the left of the screen, and the officer makes no attempt to pursue or arrest him.
The Justice Ministry has not yet announced whether it will probe the incident.