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The Coola spa offers a luxurious oil treatment for Hanukka.

The Coola spa (photo credit: PR)
The Coola spa
(photo credit: PR)
Coola is a spa for women located in the Tel Aviv Port in the Bayit Banamal complex, which houses the Comme Il Faut shops and café.
According to the spa’s motto, Coola places the woman’s body in the center, proclaiming it a site of pleasure, of happiness, of power. That sounded right for me as I made my way there on a very stormy morning, almost bowled over by the strong wind. But once inside, calm was restored and I was ready to be empowered.
After filling out the requisite forms, I was ushered into the lounge and was given a dressing gown and towels.
When I had changed, I sat at the table next to the tea corner, where a collection of teas and cookies is set out for the women before and after treatments.
I went to Coola for the Hanukka Oil Celebration treatment. I didn’t know what that meant, only that it sounded good and very appropriate for this holiday, but I was in for a real treat.
The Hanukka Oil Treatment is a pampering body massage that focuses on the feet and neck and ends with a relaxing oil massage of the scalp. The natural oils used smelled wonderful, the masseuse was very experienced and listened to my requests, and the sheets were heated.
The experience was welcoming from the first moment, and I came out dripping with oil, happy and relaxed.
There are showers where you can wash your hair afterwards and hair dryers and brushes so you can go straight to work afterwards – not that you’ll want to. My suggestion is to bring a friend and go to the next-door café for a light lunch afterwards.
NIS 340 for 60 minutes and NIS 405 for 75 minutes. During the holiday, clients receive a gift of a pair of Comme il Faut socks for each treatment.
The writer was a guest of the spa.
Coola, Bayit Banamal, Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port, (03) 717-1540,