Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of December 4, 2015

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Good week to accent the positive and eliminate the negative by simply smiling and walking away.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You easily see the big picture—now you have to work on dealing with the minute details. Your patience is worn rather thin due to exhaustion, and rather than continuing to push yourself even further, grab your phone and call in your reserve forces. There is only so much you can handle before you make some costly and almost embarrassing mistakes. By the middle portion of this week you will once again see that the glass is half full and only then will you begin to relax.
HINT: Avoid important meetings until you have all the facts.
It may take a little more time before your wishes come true, but don’t give up! Things are definitely moving forward in a very positive way. You have a major team of well-wishers who support you both physically as well as emotionally, and will help you get over the bumps along the way. The end will be sweet, so stay positive and trust yourself. Financially things are under control and you can even afford to splurge a little on yourself and someone special in your life.
HINT: Memories from the past shouldn’t make you sad. You needed them to get where you are today!
Things are moving along a great deal better than you had hoped for and now is the time for you to sit back and stop worrying. You asked your questions, found the answers you needed, took the steps to move forward with grace and consideration for all. Good luck on your next venture! Time spent with an earth sign will help you see things from a different perspective which will solidify your trust in yourself.
HINT: Financially you are a bit concerned, but you needn’t be. You have done your homework and will have the funds you need when the time comes.
Try being a bit more optimistic. Things are really going your way and although you can’t feel any major movement, you are doing a lot more than just treading water. Your family always comes first but you need to set aside a bit more time and money for yourself. Once you are calm and confident, all around you will be too. Difficulties with an elderly member of your family cannot be avoided and for now there is little you can to change the situation. All you really can do is change your reaction.
HINT: Your career takes on importance towards the end of the week and that is when you can begin sharing your thoughts and feelings.
Don’t act on your first impulse. Instead, take note of what is going on around you, how you feel and where you may have made a mistake. Once you have the answers to your questions you can safely make your move. There are many around you who are true friends but one or two have their own interests at heart. Be wary of an air sign who avoids eye contact. Financially you are doing well but it will take a bit longer before you reach your goal. Be patient with your partner and/or mate. There is nothing to be gained by venting your frustration out on them.
HINT: Avoid taking work home this weekend. Relax and enjoy yourself instead.
Things are definitely moving and now that you have set the ball in motion there is nothing holding you back. Both personally as well as professionally people desire to be in your company and you cherish old friends as much as you enjoy making new ones. Take some time this week to rest and catch up on some much needed quiet time. A conversation with a water sign is just what you need to feel secure and nurtured. Financially have nothing to worry about so stop worrying!
HINT: Monday and Tuesday are wonderful days for enjoying some one-on-one time with your partner and/or mate.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
A great deal of thought is centered on partnerships this week both personal as well as professional. Rather than make any hasty moves which you could regret, arrange a meeting where you can put your cards on the table and clear the air. If an argument arises it will be up to you to decide whether or not it is beneficial and to act accordingly.
HINT: Financially you rarely have enough money to satisfy yourself and this week is no different. Unexpected expenses have eaten a hole in your savings and you are going to have to tighten your belt if you wish to rectify the situation.
This is a wonderful week for getting things done. Once again you are charged and focused and ready to roll up your sleeves and get to work. A conversation with a younger member of your family will cause you some moments of concern, but it isn’t serious and will quickly blow over. When dealing with a fire sign give them some space. The less you try to fence them in or corner them, the better. Plan to stay home this weekend but don’t be surprised if family and friends show up for coffee and cake.
HINT: You will find the answers you have been searching for by letting your mind wander.
Are ready to begin a new course of study and have both the time and the finances necessary. Once you get the answers you are still seeking, you will be all set. You don’t have as much patience as usual this week and find mindless chatter exhausting and a waste of time. However, you continue to seek out the camaraderie of a sibling and one or two old friends who you trust and know you can rely on. Financially you are in a much better position but need to continue to watch out for any unnecessary spending.
HINT: Try to avoid work which demands precision and constant attention over an extended period of time.
Things are definitely looking up although you are still far from satisfied with your financial situation. You are doing as much as you can, but some things are out of your control and the sooner you realize that, the sooner you will become easier on yourself. A conversation with your partner and/or mate will help you see things from a different angle and if you listen rather than talk you should be able to glean some important information.
HINT: Unavoidable expenses are on the way but by the time they arrive you will have things under control.
You have the energy needed to make some important changes in and around your home. You have thought long and hard and are ready to make your move. Double check with your partner and/or mate, as together you make an awesome team, and the combination of both your ideas will turn a nice room into a fabulous one. Financially you still have a way to go before reaching your ultimate goal; however, you are getting closer all the time.
HINT: Try to avoid getting too involved with someone from your past who is having difficulty moving on.
Money and financial matters are on your mind these days and although you still can’t make any major changes, you are getting more information which will come in very handy when the time is right. The time has come for letting bygones be bygones and rather than dwell on what could have been, embrace what is now. The people you meet this week could be important to you professionally, so don’t refuse an invitation to meet.
HINT: This is the week to pamper yourself and do something which makes you happy for a change. For too long you have put your own needs aside.