Star Catcher: Astrology for the week of October 28, 2016

TIP FOR THE WEEK: Time to take a breather from all the extracurricular activity.

Deep space bright nebula (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Deep space bright nebula
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
You have a great deal on your mind right now and when in doubt trust your intuition and you won’t go wrong. So many people are anxious to spend time with you and if you don’t keep your agenda book up to date you could miss an important meeting or a valuable new business opportunity.
Money and financial matters are under control but still need watching.
During the middle portion of this week you will be happy to note that your urge to spend is overshadowed by your need to save. HINT: A conversation with a sibling will brighten your day.
You are much more in control at this time and are ready to sit down with a colleague or two for an honest and open conversation concerning which options are open to you expanding professionally. Together you will discover a few important items which need addressing.
Things are definitely on the move and you are anxious and ready to begin. Financially, cash is tight but your prospects are improving daily. Your good name and reputation are worth gold. HINT: Take a little time toward the end of this week to relax at home.
Once again you are working overtime, but the truth is you enjoy the mental and physical stimulation.
You have a long ‘to do’ list and, slowly but surely are beginning to tick off one item after the other.
Time spent with your partner or mate is even more pleasant right now and this is a perfect time for some quiet time alone. Financially all is still under control and if and when you might need a little help, your family are ready and willing to pitch in. HINT: Lessons learned in the past continue to help you move in the right direction now.
JANUARY 20-FEBRUARY 18 Things are developing according to plan and although you may be a little bored once in a while, there are so many other benefits that you don’t care. If and when you wish consider making a move, you will be ready. Financially all is well and now is the time to begin saving once again. Time alone with your partner or mate is a treat as for the past few weeks your different schedules have left you like two ships passing in the night. HINT: Thoughts turn to your career the first few days of this week and this is a good week for checking out your options.
You have been so involved with family responsibilities that you may feel overly tired and need to find a quiet corner where you can simply unwind. Of course it is wonderful that everyone turns to you but once in a while it would be lovely if they took a little more responsibility onto their own shoulders. Financially you continue to curtail unnecessary spending and although you would really like to splurge you keep your eye on your goal at all times.
HINT: Think twice before ending a long term friendship, and if in a week or so you still feel the same that is when you should decide.
You are finding it more and more difficult sitting behind a desk and would love to turn off your computer, lock your door and make your move. As good as that sounds, you know that there are still a few pieces missing from the puzzle and as much as you would like to throw caution to the wind you are much too responsible a person for that. Financially all is under control. Time spent with a water sign during the first few days of this week will be interesting and actually rather exciting.
HINT: Your relationship with your partner or mate is much more pleasant at this time.
Never one to jump indiscriminately into an unknown situation you are still plodding and looking for answers to some very important questions. Do not underestimate yourself. You are a force to reckon with as well as a valuable member of any team. And everyone knows it. When the time is right you will be up and ready. The last few days of this week are expected to be quite hectic, so use the other days to get ready and to relax with friends and family. HINT: Financially all is moving according to plan, but that does not mean you are happy with the status quo.
MAY 21-JUNE 21
The time has come for you to reach out and build a bridge or two. Old friends cannot be replaced and although you have been very busy, it doesn’t take much to pick up the phone or send an e-mail. You will be surprised and rewarded by your effort. When speaking to a water sign pay close attention as this person sees thigs from a much deeper perspective that you do and you can learn a great deal if you are interested.
HINT: Financially you are very aware of your situation and have managed to keep everything under control.
There are days when you have the feeling you have missed the boat and life is simply passing you by.
Don’t be despaired.
If you are honest with yourself you will see that few have accomplished a fraction of what you have done and continue to do. It’s never too late. Financially things are still a tad tight so be wary of any unnecessary spending for the next few weeks. You have two or three projects which you continue working on and need to clear your slate if you wish to get them done on time. HINT: Nothing is more important that your family and you have built a special relationship with one and all.
Your bright light has dimmed a bit and you simply need to take a step back and find a pleasant spot to relax and recharge.
Both friends and family are always interested in spending time with you and sooner or later the conversation turns to discussing their problems and asking you for advice. You are patient and caring enough to listen and experienced enough to offer advice, but at the end of the day you find it weighs heavily on your shoulders.
Take a break. They will survive quiet well actually. HINT: Financially you still need to watch your bank account carefully.
You are not exactly mellowing, but are open to what your partner or mate has to say. In your heart you know they are speaking the truth, and for a change, you really should simply agree with them. It will save a lot of aggravation along the way. Financially all is well and you are almost at the goal you set some time ago. When dealing with a fire sign remember that this person doesn’t have your patience or ability to sit and let things unwind on their own.
HINT: Take some time to enjoy the company of an elderly friend or member of your family
You continue reaching out professionally and the contacts you make now are beneficial to all parties. You are working toward a specific goal and every day provides more information, more opportunities and more lessons learned. Your old friends are ready and willing to lend a helping hand as soon as you give the word. Financial matters are on your mind this week more than usual as you continue looking for new and better ways to increase your income. HINT: A female member of your family misses you and soon you will be able to work out a plan to meet.