Top Ten Gift Picks for Hanukkah 2017

Looking for amazing Israeli Hanukkah gifts? Don’t miss our countdown of the top ten gift picks for Hanukkah 2017!

Hanukkah images are displayed on the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem (photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Hanukkah images are displayed on the walls of the Old City in Jerusalem
(photo credit: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM)
Hanukkah is on its way! It’s one of our favorite Jewish holidays and with good reason: the holiday comes with a heroic story, delicious food, and eight days of gifts. Shopping for Hanukkah gifts can be a daunting task, so we’ve rounded up our Top Ten Gift Picks for the holiday.
Hanukkah Menorah
The Hanukkah menorah is the quintessential piece of festival Judaica. The Maccabee’s famous story climaxes in the discovery of enough pure oil to rekindle the Temple’s menorah; today, the iconic candelabra is the focus of our Hanukkah celebrations. There are plenty of different styles to choose from, ranging from classically rounded branches to straight-armed Chabad menorahs to stunning designer pieces that will look gorgeous in your home on Hanukkah and all year round. We love this lacy, handpainted piece from Orit Grader!
Known as a sevivon in Hebrew, these four-sided spinners are often made from plastic and are a classic children’s holiday game. In the Hanukkah story, dreidels provided cover for Rabbis who were illegally teaching Torah, which was forbidden under Hellenist rule: kids hid their books and grabbed this portable game whenever the Greek officers approached. Spectacular modern dreidels are so much more than a children’s game! Beautiful dreidels handcrafted by some of Israel’s most talented artists will look spectacular as year-round Jewish décor.
Jewish Jewelry
Jewelry is always a welcome gift, and Hanukkah seems like the perfect time to invest in beautiful pieces of Jewish jewelry. After all, the biggest triumph of the Hanukkah story was the restoration of a strong Jewish identity - what better time to find a stunning piece of Jewish jewelry to carry close to your heart? There are literally thousands of different designs to choose from, including gold, silver and gemstone-studded Stars of David, Hamsas, Chais, and more. With such huge variety of quality pieces, you’re sure to find something that suits their taste and your budget!
Kosher Chocolate
Israel is renowned for its delicious fresh produce, but nothing says “winter” quite as clearly as a night curled up on the sofa with a blanket, a box of chocolates, and the person you love! As well as its internationally acclaimed kosher wines and produce, Israel is also home to some extraordinary boutique chocolatiers who create truly exceptional gourmet chocolates. Third generation chocolatier De Karina is one such artist. A box of her chocolates is guaranteed to delight the people you love!
Kosher Gift Baskets
Chocolates just won’t do it? Check out kosher gift baskets from Israel instead. Jam-packed with spreads, dips, marinades, olive oil, wine, and more, a gift basket offers the people you love a sensational taste of Israel. Remember, high-quality baskets contain high-quality products: laden with all-natural, preservative-free products made by small-scale farmers in Israel’s most fertile farming regions, these baskets will make amazing gifts for your foodie friends.
Jerusalem Stone Home Décor
The Hanukkah story revolves around the battle for Jerusalem, so Hanukkah seems like an apropos time to bring a piece of the Holy City home with you. Ranging in color from pale white through honey gold to deep red, Jerusalem stone is a beautiful natural material that will look wonderful in your home. Talented Israeli artists have created homeware, jewelry, and even menorahs from Jerusalem stone, so you can find the perfect piece of stoneware to gift to loved ones this winter.
Dead Sea Cosmetics
From bubble bath to fragranced oils, skincare products are classic, failsafe gifts – and Dead Sea skincare is some of the best in the world! The legendary salt lake’s unique composition includes all the minerals you need for happy, healthy skin, making these products even more perfect as gifts in the cold winter months. Browse Dead Sea cosmetics including salt scrubs, bath salts, lotions, and more, and choose the best Israeli skincare for the people you love most.
Personalized Jewelry
There’s no better way to tell someone you’re thinking of them than a carefully chosen piece of jewelry – especially if it has their name on it. Personalized jewelry can include your name or the name of a loved one, sparkling birthstones, and quotes from your favorite books and poems. Name necklaces make meaningful gifts that the person you love will cherish for years to come.
Israeli Sweatshirts
So it might not be as personal as a handknitted sweater from nana, but sweatshirts are a cozy and practical winter gift – and sweatshirts with fantastic Israeli designs are even better. Check out a great range of sweatshirts with IDF insignia, bespoke Israeli designs, and Jerusalem patterns so you can wear Israel with pride every winter!
Gaya Intelligent Gaming
Games and puzzles aren’t just for kids – high-quality handmade wood games (like the ones from Israeli designers Gaya) make perfect gifts for adults too! No-one is too old for games night when the games are this much fun, so surprise the people you love with family-friendly activities that will bring them hours and hours of fun.
There you have it: our top ten gift picks for Hanukkah 2017! Wishing you an easy shopping experience and a happy Hanukkah.