Passover goes viral: Why is this video different from all other videos?

From 'bread of affliction' to acapella.

Still from the Maccabeats 'Mah Nishtanah'  (photo credit: screenshot)
Still from the Maccabeats 'Mah Nishtanah'
(photo credit: screenshot)
in 2017, Jewish holidays mean one thing: New viral videos! And this year has seen a whole slew of new offerings joining a list of classics. Watch people dance through the supermarkets, beatbox the Ma Nishtana and turn the house upside down searching for the afikomen. Who knew Passover was so catchy?
La La Passover
It was arguably the most talked about film of the year - even though it didn't really win the Oscar for Best Picture - and now it has a Passover twist. The Y-Studs, the Yeshiva University acapella group, takes on the musical's "Another Day of Sun," with lyrics like "Grab a cart/ there's matzah left and right/ and all the kinds of wine you like." The group's members perform a rollicking dance number through the aisles of a New Jersey kosher supermarket, making Passover shopping actually look enjoyable. 
Why is this video different?
The Maccabeats might just be the best-known Jewish acapella group around, but that doesn't mean they took it easy for Passover 2017. The group released their take on the Ma Nishtana - the four questions that are central to Seder night. In addition to their voices, the six singers in the video incorporate sounds from some Seder table standbys: glasses of wine, matza and even a Hagadda.
An all-night affair
If you have any children under the age of 10, chances are you know all the words to Moana. And one talented crew has turned the movie's song "How Far I'll Go" into "Why Seders Are Slow," complete with bored kids, matza aprons, afikoman hunting and lyrics like: "I can read with vowels/ I can sing the tune/ I can keep the pace/ Hope they feed us soon." And, unlike many Passover videos - including everything else on this list - it features women in starring roles.
Seder with the crew
As we already reported, the New York-based acapella group Six13 is all up in the holiday spirit this year. Their "Seder Crew" song and video take on the popular Ed Sheeran song "Shape of You" - with a twist. Singing "Girl, you know I want matzo/ Matzo balls hand-made by my bubbie for me/ Thanking G-d that we were freed/ Led out of slavery in Mitzrayim."
An ode to the macaroon
Alright, this one is for you Hebrew speakers out there, but it's a real gem. The Israeli religious comedy troupe Underdos (dos is slang for a religious person) has created an ode to the ubiquitous Passover treat: the coconut macaroon. The cheesy, upbeat song is based on Static and Ben-El Tavori's pop hit "Zahav," but instead of a pretty girl, the guys serenade the cookie: "sweet like haroset/ filling like a cake."