APRIL FOOLS: Google Israel launches new Hummus application

The application combines Israelis’ two passions: Technology and hummus.

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Google Israel has announced the launch of a new application that combines Israelis’ two passions: Technology and hummus.
The new application, Hummus API, launched April 1st and lets users find their perfect Hummus taste directly from their smartphones.
“In Israel, Hummus is the national dish," Nir Chinsky, Head of Google Cloud Israel and CEE said in a video announcing the product. “We have more than 20,000 restaurants of Hummus which hold a variety of dishes, tastes and textures.”
Unfortunately, not every Israeli has the same taste in Hummus - and that’s where Google’s new application comes in.
“It’s a unique platform that analyzes your taste, using our advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to match you with your perfectly adapted Hummus dish,” Janina Lax, Google Cloud Business Manager explained.
Using the application, users can plug in a “taste stick” to their smartphones, which can predict their exact hummus preference. The app then plots a course to the nearest hummus restaurant to perfectly match their needs.
In developing the application, Google Israel collaborated with leading hummus experts, enabling the formulation of a “hummus big data warehouse” stored in Google cloud.
Making use of the immense data, Google engineers were then able to build and train a machinery model that helps to predict hummus preference based on the user's taste buds.
“Before I started using Hummus API I used to eat a lot of hummus I didn't really like," Shani Weinstein, a Hummus API user said. "It was hard for me to finish the entire plate and I started feeling [that] maybe I am not Israeli enough.  But now I feel my culinary taste has been revolutionized.”
Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai also makes a cameo in Google Israel's Hummus API launch announcement.
"Tel Aviv-Jaffa is a culinary and technological center which embraces smart, innovative, new ideas," he said. "Therefore it was natural for us to integrate Hummus API in our city."
“'[It makes] people trying hummus they need, easier, the people are happier and the hummus industry is blooming," he added.
Google Israel said that Hummus API is just the first step as they hope to expand the application to other major cities around the world, such as Pizza API in Rome and Taco API in Cancun.