Bounty on Bounty bars: Mars Wrigley removing chocolate bars from Celebrations tub

Nearly 40% of British customers voted for the coconut-chocolate bars to be removed from the Celebrations chocolate tubs for good.

 Bounty bar split (photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)
Bounty bar split
(photo credit: WIKIMEDIA)

Totally nuts! Mars Wrigley announced that they will be removing the Bounty Bars from its Celebrations chocolate tubs after nearly 40% of voting customers said that they want the coconut-chocolate bars gone for good.

Customers on select sites will be able to exchange chocolate tubs that had the Bounty bars in them for a new tub without them until December 18.

This comes after last year when Mars allowed customers to return unwanted Bounty bars for Maltesers after Christmas.

However, Mars has yet to decide whether or not the Bounties would be banished from the tubs for good, because according to their poll, 18% said that it is still their favorite chocolate bar.

The bounty on Bounty bars

 A 200 gram bar of dark cooking chocolate, broken up. (credit: SKopp/Wikimedia Commons) A 200 gram bar of dark cooking chocolate, broken up. (credit: SKopp/Wikimedia Commons)

Mars said that their survey consulted 2,000 Brits between the ages of 18 and 65. Some 18% said that they would be upset if the Bounty bars were the only ones left in the tub while 58% said that it would lead to a family argument.

Mars also said that 38% of people over the age of 55 said that the Bounty bar is their favorite.

The limited edition tubs will include extra Mars, Snickers, Milky Way, Galaxy and Maltesers bars in order to make up for the missing Bounty bars. They will be available in 40 different Tesco stores for six weeks leading up to Christmas.

Emily Owen, Mars Wrigley's Head of Celebrations Festive Cheer said in a press release that "Christmas is a time for giving - but it seems this year, the British public are keen for us to take away...Bounty. Last year, we gave trialling taking them out of the tub altogether. And to those loyal - and secret- Bounty lovers out there, there's still a chance they'll make a return after the trial."

The chocolate removal caused outrage on Twitter

"WHAT?! This is a diabolical decision," Piers Morgan wrote on his Twitter. "Bounty bars are the best chocolate in the world. Shame on you Mars - you killed Christmas."

Author Richard Osman took to his Twitter saying, "This calls for mutiny."

Broadcaster Dan Walker took his own poll on Twitter: "Slightly pointless/deeply important Bounty poll (blame Richard Osman) What do you think of the decision to bin [sic] the Bounty from Celebrations?" 62.8% of voters chose " a Bounty" while 37.2% chose the other option given, "Great news...they're vile."

What would you choose?