White supremacist neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes starts burger joint food fight

Video footage shared over social media and obtained by TMZ shows Nick Fuentes throwing the contents of his drink all over another patron after a dispute of some sort.

 Nick Fuentes is hosting another white nationalist conference in Orlando during CPAC  (photo credit: DAVID DECKER)
Nick Fuentes is hosting another white nationalist conference in Orlando during CPAC
(photo credit: DAVID DECKER)

Prominent white supremacist neo-Nazi Nick Fuentes threw a drink and food at a local In-N-Out Burger fast food joint in Los Angeles over the weekend, getting involved in a literal food fight.

Footage of the burger joint brawl was circulated across social media and shared with TMZ. 

The fact that he was indeed involved in a food fight was verified by Fuentes himself over Telegram, as well as by Sneako, a YouTuber who was seen with Fuentes in the video and is allegedly helping Kanye West with his campaign for the 2024 US presidential elections.

Why did Nick Fuentes get in a food fight at a Los Angeles In-N-Out Burger?

While there were several videos circulating online depicting the series of events that led to the food fight as they unfolded, it was eyewitness accounts given to TMZ that helped piece together the full story.

Supposedly, Fuentes and Sneako were seen eating when a couple approached them, and a dispute between the two pairs soon followed.

The reason for the dispute is unclear, but it seems that Fuentes was trying to keep a low profile at the restaurant, but was recognized anyway.

"It is Nick Fuentes!" one of them said. "He pretended that it wasn't him, but it's really him. What the f***. F*** Nick Fuentes!"

And evidently, that set Fuentes off. Already holding a drink in his hand, Fuentes can be seen in the video first looking down and toward the window before suddenly turning forward and throwing the drink directly at the patron, splashing him with its contents.

After this, another video obtained by TMZ showed the infamous white supremacist as he was leaving, with one restaurant customer shouting "F*** Nick Fuentes! You racist!"

Over Telegram, Fuentes confirmed that he was in a food fight but said nobody was harmed, according to Mediaite. 

Fuentes has long been a controversial figure in the US far Right, being an avowed Christian nationalist and white supremacist, as well as a Holocaust denier. He recently made headlines after having dinner with Kanye West and former US president Donald Trump.