Astrologers explain the most annoying zodiac sign personalities

Everyone has annoying traits - but some people are impossible to be around. These are the most annoying zodiac signs according to astrology experts.

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Do you like to comment on people's clothing? Disrupt them during an important meeting? Texting in the middle of a movie or laughing out loud in a restaurant? Astrologers from Bestlifeonline claim that the 12 zodiac signs can be sorted into those with more annoying behaviors - and those with less. Here are the six most annoying zodiac signs.


Libras are known for being diplomatic and wanting to please everyone, but they're also ruled by Venus, "the planet of beauty and passion," according to Rachel Clare, astrologer at Mysticsense, and "at their worst can be arrogant and obnoxious."

"Libras only care about themselves and will ignore anyone else in the room if they think they're not on their level, especially when it comes to looks," says author and astrologer Lisa Barta. Claire agrees about their vanity, saying Libras can be "obsessed with their looks and social status."

So while this sign avoids confrontations at all costs, they may also avoid social gatherings when they feel the other invited or planned activities aren't up to their standards.


The perfectionists of the zodiac wheel wouldn't annoy you if they kept their behaviors to themselves, but they are "prattlers, critical, and compulsive complainers," Barthe notes. "Not only do they set impossibly high standards for themselves, they expect the same from those around them," explains astrologer and spiritual coach Tara Bennett, "they never forgive mistakes and will constantly point them out." Are you late for the meeting? Expect to get hit hard by them.

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"Loud and bold. An Aries' forceful personality is often overpowering to anyone in the room," notes Claire. It might be harmless if they're in a cheerful mood, but if their aggressive side comes out, they "will stop at nothing when it comes to verbally expressing their thoughts and feelings," says Charlotte Kirsten, founder of the astrology blog Typically Topical.

Did you treat your Aries co-worker badly and made a mistake on a project? They will be quick to throw you under the bus. "What makes them disgusting is that they are always right and don't stop fighting until they prove it," says Frances Yahya, archetypal astrologer and spiritual advisor.


As the most emotional sign of the zodiac, Cancers are likely to start crying when they find themselves on this list — which is exactly the type of annoying behavior astrologers point to. "Cancers can be overly dramatic and want everyone to know exactly how they feel," says Claire.

They tend to use their sensitivity to get what they want, "They are the perfect therapists, which makes it hard to get angry with them, but that's how they manipulate others," Yahya explains. If you got mad at your Cancer for an inappropriate (probably passive-aggressive) comment, they'll whine about it so much that you end up apologizing to him.


When it comes to ego, no zodiac has a bigger one than Leo. "Ruled by the radiant Sun, Leos know exactly what it takes to make themselves the center of attention," says Kirsten. "Although they often believe they bring life to the party, they don't realize they can come off as arrogant, egotistical and a bit obnoxious."

When they're not in the limelight — or if they have to share it — "you can expect this zodiac to pull their weirdest stunts just to get some eyes on them and cause some drama," notes Claire. Don't try to take their place and don't expect to get more attention than the lion gets. "The lion will go on and on about what's going on in his life - and then roll his eyes when it's someone else's turn to talk," Barta adds.


You might be surprised to find Capricorn on the list, because after all - it is the most hardworking sign and is known to be pragmatic and fatherly. However, as Kirsten explains, "In the attempt to do everything by the book, they lose their sense of flexibility and the ability to enjoy life. Going with the flow is an incredibly foreign concept to them." Imagine your Capricorn partner skipping your anniversary dinner to finish something at the office? Or throw a birthday party for your Capricorn friend only to see him leave early?

They are so aspiring to reach the top of the corporate ladder, that they look down on those they see as less ambitious than them. "Their strong bouts of perfectionism and sky-high expectations of themselves and their loved ones sometimes make them unbearable to be around," Kirsten adds.