Test yourself: which of the two is his real wife?

If you pay attention very closely, you might just figure out the secret.

 Which of the two is his real wife? (photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)
Which of the two is his real wife?
(photo credit: MAARIV/TIKTOK)

An intriguing test that was recently posted on social media platform has TikTok managed to attract the attention of many viewers. In the picture there are two women next to one man - with one of them being his wife. You have to find out which is which between the two.

There are many types of puzzles and optical illusions that can help test your intelligence level, and some are simply entertaining and exercise the brain. The picture in front of you is a kind of fun IQ test that will help you test your level of intelligence.

What do you have to do in this puzzle?

In today's puzzle , you have to think "outside the box" to arrive at the correct answer. Use your critical thinking skills to find the solution. Now, you have to identify which of the two women in the picture is the man's wife. Will you be able to find out in 5 seconds?

You should look carefully at the picture before deciding what your answer is, as the question is not particularly complicated but the data can indeed be misleading. If you look at the details in the room, you will be able to recognize the man's partner.


Test your IQ: Only a sharp brain can find who is man's real wife in picture within 7 seconds!

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Did you find out the answer? Even if not, no big deal. The solution is before you.

Well, the woman on the left of the photo is the man's wife, because if you look at the wedding photo on the wall, you will notice that the tattoo is on the bride's right hand, while the woman opposite has the tattoo on her left hand.