Are you among the 10% who can find the people who are camping in this picture?

Only 10% can find out how many people are enjoying a nice day of camping in this picture - how about you?

'Post' gets sneak peek of IDF's Givati brigade's enhanced AFVs, drones

The Jerusalem Post joined an IDF drill in the sand dunes near the Gaza border.

Which is the most intelligent dog breed? – study

A test battery assessed the cognitive functioning and behavior of various dog breeds. The Belgian Shepherd Malinois rose to the top of the pack.

By Sam Halpern
IDF soldier

IDF: Intel. officer who died in prison to be recognized as fallen soldier

Despite recognizing the officer as a fallen soldier, an IDF inquiry maintained that his crimes were serious.

Mossad chief warns: Iran is expanding supply of advanced weapons to Russia

Russia has made extensive use of Iranian drones in attacks against civilian targets in Ukraine in recent months.

Only 10% of people can find the hidden item in this picture

A set of headphones is hidden among all these items - can you find it? The solution to the puzzle is at the bottom of the article.


World order on verge of cliff - first Israeli national intel assessment

The Intelligence Ministry on Monday unveiled the country’s first-ever national intelligence estimate report on Monday.

Only 3% of people can find the hidden toothbrush in this picture

A toothbrush is hidden among all these items - can you find it? The solution to the puzzle is at the bottom of the article. 


Greek police raid Athens offices of Israeli intelligence company

Intellexa is owned by the former commander of a secret Israeli intelligence division, Division 81. Unlike NSO, the company is not supervised by Israeli authorities.

By Walla!

IRGC, Basij militia personal information leaked online by protestors - exclusive

Iranian dissidents are using the Darknet, a shadow realm within the internet, to fight back against the Ayatollah’s foot soldiers.

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